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ICS4ICS Exercise April 18, 2022

The first exercise of ICS4ICS capabilities was conducted at S4 on April 18, 2022. The exercise was attended by over 300 people who provided very positive feedback and suggestions to improve future exercises. The attendees said that the ICS4ICS process will be extremely valuable particularly as the complexity of cybersecurity incidents continue to increase causing greater impact to critical infrastructure. Megan Samford summarized the results of the ICS4ICS Exercise which can be viewed at: ICS4ICS – Megan Samford - Bing video

There are two videos from the ICS4ICS exercise:

We appreciate your feedback and any suggestions to improve the ICS4ICS process and/or the ICS4ICS exercise. If you have any feedback, please send it to bpeterson@isa.org

We are working to deploy and improve the ICS4ICS Program and need your help in these areas:

  • Update the ICS4ICS Exercise materials used at S4 to ensure they can be used globally
  • We are working with several people to conduct ICS4ICS Exercises in numerous countries and industry sectors, and we seek more volunteers
  • Create the next version of ICS4ICS that addresses more complex Type 2 incidents impacting multiple assets/sites for a company. We will also add mutual aid processes, IT recovery for the ICS4ICS, and many other capabilities
  • Presenting ICS4ICS at various events to create awareness about the program
  • You can obtain credentials to perform the various ICS4ICS roles
  • If you are interested in receiving more information about ICS4ICS, please sign-up for the newsletter

If you would like to help with these efforts, please complete the form

ICS4ICS Exercise Materials

ICS4ICS Exercises are designed to help people understand how ICS4ICS processes and tools are used to improve the response to industrial control system cybersecurity incidents by leverage FEMA and DHS CISA capabilities.

ICS4ICS Exercise Resources:

ICS4ICS Exercise materials were created based on the materials provided by FEMA

The FEMA ICS Resource Center provided valuable information used by the ICS4ICS Team: ICS Resource Center (fema.gov)

Host an ICS4ICS Exercise

If you would like to host an ICS4ICS Exercise in your country, region, or industry sector, please volunteer to help setup an ICS4ICS Exercise


ICS4ICS Exercise Package

ICS4ICS Exercise Package guides the exercise: Situation Manual

The ICS4ICS Exercise Package was created based on: CISA Tabletop Exercise Package | CISA

FEMA Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) 

FEMA Exercise Evaluation Guides


This is the ICS4ICS Exercise presentation with speaker notes.

ICS4ICS Exercise Presentation

The ICS4ICS Exercise Package was created based on the CISA tabletop exercise package